Author Testimonials

Ann Marie Monzione is such a marvelous book editor because she clearly evaluates all aspects of a fiction manuscript, from the details of a comma to the bird’s-eye-view of continuity and characters. She was able to take my manuscript, which resembled a really tangled ball of yarn,and tell me exactly what was off. Then, she gave me the insights to fix the problems. Along the way, she noted mangled sentences, metaphors that had gone awry, and points of view that lacked clarity.

She is a discerning reader, an excellent editor, and I would highly recommend her services.

Deahn Berrini  (Author of Milkweed and How to Earn Your Keep)

I had the opportunity to work with Ann Marie on two novel manuscripts, and in both cases she proved to be a tireless, exceptionally meticulous editor. This attention to detail applies not only to line edits, but also to specifics of character, plot, and thematic considerations. If you have a logical flaw built into the work, she’ll find it (I think that’s the lawyerly training coming through). If there are inconsistencies in your character, weak characters, or point-of-view errors, you can be sure she’ll find them. At the language level she’ll let you know if you’ve fallen into cliche or gone overboard, and, equally important, she will also let you know where you’ve gone right. She will tell you which sentences really hit home, where you’ve achieved proper dramatic effect, and where you’ve got her hooked. This is the kind of editor every author needs.

Vincent Czyz (Author of The Christos Mosaic and Adrift in a Vanishing CityFaulkner Prize, Truman Capote Fellow)

My novel was headed for that awful fate of permanent abandonment in “the drawer,” never to be seen again. Along came Ann Marie whose faith in my work gave me the energy to take it out of the drawer and look at it again. Slowly, and with much patience and encouragement, Ann Marie provided the stewardship to guide me through a needed revision. It was a collaboration that enabled me to tighten up the novel and to go deeper into the story and the characters and to find an ending that was the most natural one. At no point did I feel that she was imposing her aesthetic on me or revising it for me. Instead, she gently prodded and questioned, inviting me to find the answers myself in the content that was already there waiting for clarification. I highly recommend her as a midwife to your writing. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” Ann Marie could be that “somebody” for you and your writing.

Deborah Bluestein (Author of Floriana)

A wonderful thing recently happened in my writing career. The Carolyn Jenks Agency agreed to represent me. Even more wonderful was the agent/editor assigned to me: Ann Marie Monzione. I sent her two of my novels. Within a few weeks, she had read them, commented, and offered fantastic suggestions. I accepted all of her suggestions and revised the novels. As a result, they are a hundred percent improved. Even my most ardent critic – my son, an English major graduating from Fredonia State – agrees. Ann Marie is a delight to work with, never too busy to respond to my emails, which are admittedly excessive. I’m indeed grateful for her expertise and professionalism, and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Jim Sarfeh (Author of Beyond the Third GardenTimid Soul, and The Final Victim.)

What is my ideal development editor like? She’s a perceptive reader, zeroes in on the deadwood in a manuscript, offers suggestions without offending, and is tireless in polishing a manuscript until it gleams. In other words…Ann Marie Monzione. I worked with her at The Carolyn Jenks Agency and felt lucky to have her assigned to my novel. She made sure the opening chapter was my best writing! I can highly recommend Ann Marie as a skilled and steady hand to whip any manuscript into shape.

Duncan Alderson (Author of Magnolia City)