About The Editor

Ann Marie Monzione has been working with writers to strengthen their manuscripts since founding The North Shore Writers’ Collaborative in 2007. While working as a development editor/agent for a literary agency, she assisted talented authors in polishing their manuscripts for publication. Some of these writers have realized success in the marketplace and have acknowledged her help in getting them there. (See Testimonials.) 

Ms. Monzione’s editing philosophy is to always respect the writer’s voice and artistic vision. She sees her role as an objective reading partner, able to provide a fresh perspective on story arc, pace, character development/integrity, point of view shifts, and transition issues. Along the way, she can offer basic copy-edits and sentence structure suggestions. 

As a fellow writer, Ms. Monzione understands the sometimes tricky task of polishing the craft while maintaining the artistic vision.

Her novel  Back to Grace  is available at Amazon. com.  

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Prior to her work in editing, Ann Marie practiced law for many years as a litigator – work which required top notch writing skills and logical analysis. She has written legal briefs for state and federal jurisdictions, including the United States Supreme Court.


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