Fees and Services

How this works:

The goal in development editing is to help you tighten your manuscript so that it better serves your artistic vision.


Your first chapter should be forwarded via the email link on the “Getting Started” page above. It will be evaluated and the editor will contact you to let you know if the manuscript seems to be a good fit for the editor’s services. 

If the manuscript is accepted, it will be read carefully, and comments, grammatical edits*, suggestions for stronger sentence structure, etc…, will be made. You will also be told when a phrase, sentence, or paragraph is particularly strong or artful.These changes/comments will be within the body of the manuscript using Track Changes.There will also be an opportunity for discussion regarding issues that are either not clear or not making sense from a reader’s perspective.  In addition to the imbedded comments and edits, you will be given an overall analysis of the story and the characters.

This work can be done completely via email with Word document attachments. If appropriate, a phone discussion or Skype session may be arranged at the discretion of the editor. 

*Although corrections to grammar will be included, a thorough proof-read for all grammatical issues and typos requires meticulous line by line editing (copy-editing), which interferes with reviewing the work as a whole and is not part of the development editing process.


Upon review of the first chapter, you will be sent a proposed fee for services based on the number of pages/word count and the quality of the work. 

Red Moon Writing believes that good editing services should not be prohibitively expensive for a proverbial “starving” artist.

As such, prices tend to range between .012 cents and .014 cents per word based upon the estimated hours required for the first edit (which is based upon the quality of the sample sent).

E.g., a 45,000 word manuscript will cost between $540.00 and $630 for the first read.

A second reading will be priced on a per project basis.  

Payment must be made through a PayPal account. An invoice will be forwarded with instructions.